Coronavirus Announcement: Due to the current increase in COVID cases in our community and admissions in our three local hospitals, our physicians, who are obligated to treat these patients, will only be able to perform virtual telehealth follow-up visits for our established patients. Effective Monday, September 28th, we will allow new patients to be seen in the office, but will require them to be masked. Our patients are our number one priority. With keeping their safety in mind and in order to better serve our patients during this pandemic, we are choosing to keep them home while still being available to them via telehealth.

When will I be able to be seen in the office by my physician?
The insurance companies have written to us and informed us that telemedicine is encouraged to be used as a first line of defense in preventing exposure to the public and healthcare workers. In addition, they have provided us with end dates for this service. As of now, we will be delivering telemedicine to our established patients thru APRIL 20th, 2021. This date may change.

Will I still be able to go to the office to pick up medication samples?
Yes, please call the office in advance. A mask will be required to enter our offices.

Will I still be able to have my sleep study?
Yes, our staff is still performing in-office procedures such as Sleep Studies and Pulmonary Function Testing.

What are the office hours?
We will continue to have normal office hours and will continue to be fully staffed for our patients.

What is telehealth/telemedicine?
Telehealth is an office visit using a video type of communication. You will be required to have a smart phone that has either Facetime or Google Duo or you could use your desktop computer with a camera and speaker so that you can visually see and speak with your physician! Our office is available to teach you how to get started.

What if I do not have a smart phone?
Don’t worry! We still want to take care of you. All of the insurance companies are temporarily allowing for us to simply call you up and perform the visit over the phone without having to see you with a camera.

I am a new patient being referred and have x-rays that need to be discussed during my visit, so how can the physician do this for me using telehealth?
Have comfort in knowing that our physicians have computer access to view the x-rays, CT scans, and MRI that are performed at American Imaging, Millennium Physician Group, and the three local hospitals. They prefer to review them during your visit with you.


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